On the Development and Applications of
Automated Searches for Eclipsing Binary Stars

A Ph.D. Thesis byJonathan Devor

Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics

Download the manuscript (PDF) (postscript)

     [Version 5 ; PDF=12MB ; ps/zip=5MB]

Thesis public talk (PowerPoint) (abstract)

Dissertation acceptance certificate (PDF)

Additional Links:

o The DEBiL software package - For modeling a binary's geometric orientation

o DEBiL-Timing software package - For fine-tuning a binary's period and eccentricity

o The MECI software package - For modeling a binary's physical characteristics (mass, radius, luminosity, etc.)

o A catalog of 773 eclipsing binaries found in the TrES survey

Last updated: 10.31.2008